Solar PV Panels are suitable for your home if:

  1. Your home already has a metered electricity supply.
  2. You own the freehold to your property.
  3. Your property is not a basement or mid-floor flat.
  4. Your property is not a listed building and it is not in a conservation area.
  5. You have an un-shaded roof space facing between east and west through south (south facing arrays perform better).

Step 1: Locate Your Roof

Enter your postcode into the address field below and click the 'find address' button to find your approximate location.

Drag the marker onto your roof (left click to drag and release to drop). You may use the on-screen + and - buttons to zoom in or out.

Once you have the marker placed on your roof please continue to filling out the form to your right (step 2).

Step 2: Fill Out the Form

By submiting this form you agree to be contacted by our representative for a no obligation assessment of your home, your solar requirements and its suitability.

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